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SageRidge Mill & Critters

Clearmont, WY

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Alpaca Fiber with Flair!

At SageRidge we raise all our own alpaca fiber.  We also do most of our own processing from washing to carding to our big batts and dyeing the blended fibers that go into the fun colored batts.

We handspin most of our own yarn, specializing in colorful corewrapped bulky yarns that work up fast!

Our more traditional two-ply yarns, while raised here at the place, are now shipped off to other mills for processing to yarn.

However, if you need your fibers processed to batts or handspun yarns, please contact us. and see if our little mill is a fit for you!



Shipping Policy

We ship via USPS.

Return Policy

We love our fiber.  If you don’t love what you bought, please contact us so that we can help you return it for a refund (less the cost of the shipping) or maybe we can help you find something closer to what you were hoping to get!

No worries….. love the fiber!

Fiber Processing

From washing to carded batts or handpulled roving

Washing fiber


This includes two washes and a rinse.  Then drying.

Picking fiber


This involves running the washed fiber through a Triple Picker to fluff and open up the fiber.  This step is necessary to put fiber onto the carding machine.

Carding fiber


This is when your fiber goes into the carding machine to be combed and layered onto the drum for a batt. If you wish we will take the batt and handpull it into four strips of roving for your spinning.  OR you can do this yourself from your batts and control your own roving size.  

Skirting fiber


This is picking through your fleece BEFORE it goes into the wash tubs to remove Vegetable Matter, dirt, manure, and second cuts or shorts.  

Dyeing fiber or yarns


We are using Jacquard acid dyes to dye fiber and yarns.  You can either have us dye our fiber for you or you can send us your fiber to dye…… and then we can wash and card it also if you wish.  



We will corewrap your washed and picked fiber over an alpaca core for a wonderful bulky handspun yarn.

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